This Blog Belongs To Me

Now that sounded a bit funny…well, at least to me. Being a blogging newbie and all, I’m not exactly sure what to do next but establishing my presence and getting organized in the blogosphere seems reasonable and so I created my own Technorati Profile (the link is to activate my claim at Technorati using Post Claim).


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After my first post last night, I had this sudden interest of checking out my online assets (read: domain names) that have been left unused for several months and other for years. I know I said I won’t spend money to make money online…but hey, I’m just recycling what I already have ;).

Now the cool part of this recycling activity is that I was able to get up for free! It started out when I looked at, that free blogging service from Google and found out they let you use your own domain for your blog for free. Neat!

The instruction was pretty straightforward and the only thing that took a little while in setting up is the DNS since my registrar doesn’t offer me any domain management features to add the required CNAME record to get this thing working. And so, the extra step I took was a quick googling for the term “free dns” and that’s how I found out that will let me manage my domain for free!

What do you know? A few minutes of poking around the web and a few hours of waiting for the DNS to resolve and now I have my new site up and running for free!

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Hello Endless Maze!

Yep, my real first post at long last! This blog was created more than a year ago and it’s just today that I’ve decided what I’m going to do with it–a journal for my quest to untangling this seemingly endless maze that is the web.

My goals are very simple:

  1. to have a decentralized online life (i.e. replace as many software I use with free services available online)
  2. to make money online without spending a centavo (except, of course, the utility bills that my day job pays for ;))

And so the quest begins today…

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